Close the Gap Between How You're Capable of Living, and How You're Actually Living.

Recapture the Zest And Zeal You Used to Feel by Discovering the 5 Lifestyle Strategies Healthy, High-Achieving People Know and Live by to Thrive.

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Set Yourself Up For the Kind of Success You Want and Win the Second Half.

Discover the 5 Lifestyle Strategies Healthy, High-Achieving
People Who Thrive Know, and Live by, to Achieve Their
Ambitious Goals.

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Are You Experiencing Any of This?


I don’t have the energy I used to, and I don’t know why other than aging, or how to get it back.

Meanwhile the demands on me keep increasing. This needs to change


I think I’m eating healthy, but I’m not sure. I don’t feel healthy. And I’m coping with excess stress.

My body is overweight and I’m experiencing symptoms I don’t want.


I’m a capable person, but not like I used to be. Maybe it’s just age? I need to be able to perform better, but my will is waning.

I want to change but I’m not sure what changes to make.


I want to change, but frankly, there are so many options.

It gets overwhelming, and I wonder how other people do it.


I act but I can’t seem to identify the real problem.

Each thing I try is great, even beneficial, but while I’m still motivated, I am tired all the time.


Yes, I want to change, and improve, but why am I doing all of this?

I want to feel the zeal again, I want to recapture the zest to drive me experience a new golden era for my life.

As a driven business professional, you've learned the value of perseverance, determination, and straightforward hard work. Where others see problems, you find solutions. Where others are slow to act, you roll up your sleeves and get to work. You feel called to be more, do more and give more, but trying to achieve your ambitious goals while managing your energy is challenging.

Chances are you can't remember the last time you had more than 6 1/2 hours of sleep. You're either thinking of your to-do list or running to go and do it.

Meanwhile, ever-present overwhelm, tiredness, potentially fatigue, aches, and pains, caused by responding to stress in ways that create even more stress, compromise your health and performance.

Does it have to be that way?

If you are not managing your energy and living the typical lifestyle, trying to wedge in fitness and a little "healthy living" here and there, it will probably stay that way. 

But if you take a big step forward into a "Performance Lifestyle" that's balanced and healthy, it can all begin to change immediately.


Hi, I’m John Allen Mollenhauer,

My friends and clients call me John Allen or by my initials “JAM.” I am a lifelong entrepreneur and lifestyle coach. My purpose is to bring together entrepreneurs and business professionals and teach them what’s can take up to 20 years or more to learn in one year. 

I was a tired and worn-down entrepreneur, who worked with anxiety day and night to “live the dream,” but despite being an expert in nutrition and fitness; after years of excess stress, I was still tiring out, burning out, and trading my health for success.

Step by step, I discovered the fundamentals of successful living and learned how to manage my energy like a pro. Today that’s called a Performance Lifestyle® and it will change, improve, and optimize your approach to the achievement of your goals.


Get ready to learn how to live a balanced and healthy, high-performance lifestyle. 

Take the next step, you'll be happy you did. 

Success Stories


Maret Maxwell

Bio Medical Engineer

And it works. I am 54 years old and have been applying this approach for just over one year.


John Paul Micek

Restore 818

The Performance Lifestyle system has helped me transform my life. I've reduced my body fat by 8%


Chris Barrow

Founder and Principal, Million Dollar Coaching Practice

I work with up to 200 entrepreneurs each year and John Allen is outstanding. He is passionate, professional, and committed to your success. Any client of John Allen’s will get results because he is a great coach!


Joanne Goldman

Executive Software Sales

I knew I was exhausted and needed a break from my high achieving life, but I didn’t begin to...

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