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If you're here, you recognize that your lifestyle is the key to having more energy, dramatically improved health, and high performance. 

Now, You Are Ready for the Kind of Change That Will Change Your Life for Good

The Team and I (JAM) are here for You. 

The world is in a period of great change and you need to decide how you are going to respond from the inside out and make the crucial lifestyle changes you need to thrive.

As a successful lifestyle entrepreneur and coach, I’m convinced you have three choices right now that will ultimately determine how much energy you have to work with, your health, and how well you will perform in 2021 and beyond.

You can:

1. Retreat from making essential changes and entertain unhealthy behaviors to
   cope with stress in ways that create more stress, and fatigue


2. Maintain the status quo and go on without any new, significant, and
    effective lifestyle changes to step up your game.


3. Turn your willingness to change into direct and constructive action to renew
    your personal energy and optimize the way you live. 

If you truly value your life and what you are up to in the world, your loved ones around you, and the precious gift of time, then you're ready for a lifestyle-based approach to optimizing your energy, health, and performance. 

Now is The Time to Turn Your Drive, Needs and Desires for Change, Into Action

Changing how you live is more than personal development alone, and trying to overcome resistance in the face of challenges. 

It's ultimately about living from the absolute best part of yourself to reduce and at times eliminate that resistance and then having an optimal lifestyle that supports you and what you are up to in the world; mostly, free of the hidden lifestyle challenges that distract and hold you back. 

I have inspired, guided, and supported people just like you in making the life-transforming choices that result in renewed personal energy, health, and higher performance in life.

It starts with making The 3 Crucial Changes for Challenging Times, that will shift you into fluid forward motion and healthy growth, not another "headstrong", “go big or go home,” approach to life that burns you out, forces you to trade your health for success. 

Real and sustained change is lifestyle-based, and greatly enhanced when you have a professional guide and mentor that understands your needs (where you are), wants (where you want to be), and the hidden “lifestyle” challenges that are preventing you from getting there.

When you talk with me, JAM, or a team member; in addition to understanding your present situation, you'll come away with a clear plan and next steps that will provide calm confidence so you can begin to change, improve and optimize the way you live.

To help you, I have developed the definitive blueprint for learning how to live a Performance Lifestyle that's both balanced and healthy, along with an online Academy to help you learn it step by step together with other achievers. At LifestyleCoach.com, all of our clients start here, coaching follows. 

No Matter Where You Are, I Will Meet You There to Help You Optimize Your Lifestyle.

What's unique about the Performance Lifestyle® approach?  


It's this:

—If you want to function and perform at a higher level, you've got to have the energy and lifestyle to support it, not simply from-the-neck up will-power. 

—You'll finally start developing a whole lifestyle to support you AND what you are up to in the world. 

—You'll make the underlying shifts, that are essential to functioning in a fully engaged way. And this will change your life for the better, forever.

1. If you are tiring out, burning out, and trading your “health” for success, struggling with lifestyle choices, and subpar performance results; one of the first things you'll learn is what energy it, and how to manage it the way the pro's do.

2. If you are doing “ok” but now you’re treading water mentally and physically, in effect trading your “success” for your health, I'll work with you on what lifestyle changes to make, why you need to make them, and how to make them, so you make them and succeed at a whole level. 

3. And if you're already enjoying success, but you want to fine-tune and further optimize your performance, I will help you add targeted, powerful lifestyle strategies to fulfill your potential at even greater heights.

Start Living a Performance Lifestyle

Getting into a Performance Lifestyle You Can Call Your Own, Is the Key to Achieving Your Ambitious Goals

  • What I’m talking about is NOT more of the performance-addicted, always-on lifestyle you are used to; or, an overemphasis on personal development, or your basic toolbox of coaching "tips and tricks."

  • This is also not from-the neck-up-only, performance-psychology strategies divorced from the constraints of your energy, health, and performance capacities, which will only provide marginal results.

  • Nor, is this another diet or workout program masquerading as a "lifestyle." 

What I'm helping you develop is a whole lifestyle based on the fundamentals of successful living. When you align the way you live with the principles, best practices, and strategies that healthy, high-achieving people who thrive, know, and live by, you will start living like a pro. 

You'll discover the thinking and habitual routines (think eat, move, sleep and so much more) that are distracting, holding you back, and preventing you from performing even better in your life.

I’m ready to help you with an approach that meets you exactly where you are but takes you where you want to go because you'll be developing the lifestyle that takes you there. You just need the willingness to change and I will help you turn your will to change into the kind of success you want. 

People say it takes pain to change behavior. Perhaps, at times. And yes, it also takes readiness and encouraging guidance that's rooted in the science of behavior change so you are not alone in a process that keeps tripping you up.

But most of all it requires an "identity," and a culture of people who together are mastering something interesting, with a proven roadmap, which most people simply don't have. I bring this all together for you. 

Learn more about getting into a performance lifestyle you can call your own and the path that ready for you to take the next step. 



The Change Hero Challenge is the beginning of a lifestyle change, improvement and optimizing experience that guides entrepreneurs, small business owners, professionals and those who generally want to get better on how to make the 3 crucial changes for challenging times.

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Just decide to start turning your desire for change into healthy performance and greater success.

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No matter what you decide, I am delighted that you are taking the time to entertain healthy performance habits, the lifestyle this leads to, and considering the opportunity to work with me in that process.

I can save you up to 20 years or more of your life, time, and energy and save you a lot of money bouncing from one half-baked solution to another. I wish you the best and look forward to learning more about you!

With Gratitude

John Allen Mollenhauer “JAM”
Professional Lifestyle Coach
Performance Lifestyle Inc.

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