Your Lifestyle Is How You Achieve

Your Lifestyle is How You Achieve Your Goals.

Here at Lifestyle Coach—Live a Better Life—we have a simple insight that guides everything we do: Your Lifestyle is primarily about How You Achieve Your Goals. 

Nobody wakes up to be balanced and healthy; they wake up to succeed in their life—family, career, business, maybe an added sport, or creative pursuit.

But most people know, especially those who have burned out at least once and traded their health and wellbeing for success, that how you achieve your goals is everything if you want to sustain your success and arguably, be genuinely successful.

Now, when I say the words “Is How You Achieve Your Goals,” that’s not altogether “How to Achieve Your Goals,” as that would include the industry-specific methods that are also essential to achieving your goals, but How-You is the foundation of the How-To. 

For example:

In addition to how well you manage your energy, including the quality of food you eat and your activity levels; your intention, direction, and strategy, knowing your game and how to play it, building financial support and team, and engaging and serving others are some of the lesser-known yet equally essential aspects of Your Lifestyle.

In other words, Your Lifestyle is not all about nutrition, fitness, and sleep; there is way more to it, as I’m confident you’ll agree there is more to achieving your goals than how well you eat, move and rest.

That said, those core essentials are crucial to supporting the spiritual, psychological, and physical function you require to perform in your personal and professional life, so you’ve got to get them, among other lifestyle fundamentals, dialed in.

By that, I mean you’ve got to become so proficient at taking care of yourself, your body, and your life; you get free of the hidden lifestyle challenges that distract and hold most people back and enable yourself to perform to the best of your abilities.

I’m talking about getting free of what can compromise your performance daily and makes it a struggle, such as pain, constant tiredness, exhaustion or fatigue, digestion, bloat, weight issues, mindset issues, and lack of stamina and deconditioning.

I could keep going with overwhelm, excess stress, an inability to stop and rest brain fog, and so much more.

All the personal and professional development in the world cannot hold a candle to the impact and consequences of a suboptimal lifestyle on your life’s performance.

As the founder of Lifestyle Coach—Live a Better Life— a lifestyle entrepreneur and now a Performance Lifestyle® Coach myself; I teach my clients how to live their lives like pros; where you optimize the way you live to achieve your goals.

Amateurs follow the “whatever, whenever, if ever” method, an approach to life that either prevents a person from achieving their goals at the level desired or, if they do, at the cost of burnout and trading their health for success.

I attended a recent funeral of a client who came to this realization too late. A beautiful human being, in every way, her name was Joani. She was a well-developed, highly respected lawyer who just died at 62 after a heroic effort in her last year of life to save her life.

Her husband talked about how much “boundless” energy she had throughout her endless 17-hour days, top dog training business, authoring, philanthropy, and more in her Eulogy.

I turned to my wife and said, “Yes, she had a lot of energy until she didn’t.” Joani was living an overstimulated under-recuperated way of life, constantly “energized” by all that she loved to do, which gave her the false impression of having more vitality than she did as her body depleted and collapsed beneath her prematurely.

If I had a dollar for every time, a driven achiever-type has told me about how much energy they have, meanwhile, they’re struggling with constant tiredness, pain, and other lifestyle-induced dis-eases; I’d be on an island.

We’ve got to move beyond the days when energy is misunderstood and goes unmanaged, and health is seen as a goal, competing with the ones you wake up for every day only to lose out in the hustle of the day.

We’ve got to realize that energy is the foundation of everything, and health is not a goal (maybe, if you’ve lost it) but rather a moment-to-moment objective that is here and now.

Your energy and health are the pillars of maintaining and enhancing your performance, sustaining your success and longevity. With that mindset, when you’re achieving your goals daily, you take regular and systematic actions in the process that enable you to function and perform at capacity to the best of your ability.

That’s the difference in mindset between healthy, high-achieving people who thrive and every other achiever type; those who have potential and strive but are either overcommitted-underperformers or become high achievers who are ambivalent because “life is good,” yet their health still suffers.

I want to help you become a healthy, high-achieving person who thrives and for a long time. That’s the path I’m on too, and I practice the lifestyle fundamentals better and better every day, week, month, and year that goes by.

The older you get, the more relevant, meaningful, and actionable all that I’m saying becomes, especially when you have The Lifestyle Blueprint that can save you up to 20 years or more because you don’t have to first discover the fundamentals before putting them into practice.

Ask me about that, so you can start living a better life starting today!

The essence of living a better life is twofold:

  1. You live in a way that enables you to get free and stay free of lifestyle-induced diseases that distract and hold you back.I suppose you have heard of fatigue, obesity, mental and physical health problems, such as depression, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. In that case, they are among the 85-95% of all illnesses caused by your lifestyle. If you want to avoid them, you need to change, improve, and ultimately optimize the way you live. 
  2. You are living your full potential so you can achieve your full potential.
    You’ve likely been taught to see your “full potential” through the lens of achieving all that you are capable of, but I would like to offer you an expanded view in support of that.To achieve your full potential, you must first live your full potential. That means having a lifestyle that delivers the energy, health, and performance capacities you need to sustain and succeed with longevity because achieving all that you are capable of takes time.

So, how are you going to achieve your goals from here? 

Are you going to follow the “whatever, whenever, if ever” approach and risk burnout and trading your health for success that leads to a premature demise no matter how much money you have in the bank?

Or, are you going to learn the principles, practice, and strategy that we ultimately refer to as the healthy, “performance lifestyle” that will enable you to crush your goals without getting crushed by excess stress and fatigue that leads to an extraordinary life?

You start where you are, learning one practice at a time that you build into how you achieve your goals. Eventually, you get so proficient; before you know it, you too will become a healthy high achieving person who thrives—someone who achieves their goals with their health and wellbeing intact.

That’s all the “pros” do, and when it comes to your lifestyle, you can too.


As “client zero,” John Allen Mollenhauer, known as John Allen or by his initials “JAM,” was desperate to figure out how to achieve his goals without burning out and trading his health for success despite being proficient in nutrition and fitness.

As a result, over 20 years, he made the most significant lifestyle change one can make, learned how to manage his energy, and step by step produced the never-before-assembled formula for living a balanced and healthy high-performance lifestyle. Today, he’s still an in-the-game lifestyle entrepreneur and a pioneering Performance Lifestyle® Coach.

He is the founder of, where subscribers discover how to achieve even their most ambitious goals while living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind. Set yourself up for a new kind of success, and get on the path to developing a healthy, high-performance lifestyle you can call your own.


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