The Five Core Functions of Performance Lifestyle® Nutrition


As a culture, we’re eating predominantly nutrient-poor foods that fail to nourish and “fuel” our bodies right. Many foods that people eat are loaded with toxic substances and prepared in ways far too removed from their natural states. Devoid of the nutrients we need to function and perform well, these foods lead to dysfunction and create poor health.


Your body comes complete with a detoxification system, and it’s actually always working. Our body is designed to process, metabolize and clear toxins naturally. All you have to do is give your body foods that provide the nutrients it needs to function and perform well, and minimize or eliminate those foods that don’t serve your body.


Start nourishing your body on regular basis with nutrient-rich superfoods like vegetables, fruits, beans, raw nuts and seeds (and optionally whole grains), and enjoy the countless meals and menus that can be created from this vast and varied cornucopia of foods. You’ll notice that your appearance, energy, health, appetite and even mood are all more “even.”


Obsessing over calories and trying to survive on fewer calories than you need each day won’t give you a strong, healthy body. Even if you’re eating very few calories, you can still be eating unhealthy foods that weaken or damage your body. And at the same time, you can be missing out on the nutrients you need for health and strength (and a robust metabolism!)


Success breeds success. When one area of your life starts going in the right direction, it tends to affect other areas of your life. This is true of your lifestyle itself. When one aspect of your lifestyle starts improving, other aspects improve as well. Optimization is the ultimate objective of Performance Lifestyle Nutrition. And it will happen naturally, building on itself and gaining momentum.