I am John Allen Mollenhauer. My friends call me John Allen or by my initials "JAM."

I bring together entrepreneurs and small business owners who are generally above 40 years old to develop the lifestyle mindset—skill sets, habits, and routines—needed to live a high-performance lifestyle; so that we can recapture the zest and zeal we use to have, achieve our most ambitious goals, and win in the second half of our life.

I am not a former "elite athlete," "celebrity trainer," or "bestselling author" turned coach.

I'm an in-the-game entrepreneur, who's faced the intense challenges of being always on, and came to the realization that there had to be a better way to lead an ambitious life and not burn out or trade one's health for success the way I was, despite being an expert in nutrition and fitness.

I know what it feels like to struggle with a strong desire to achieve something, requiring determination and hard work that outpaces your energy and other capacities to keep up.


From early on, I was a driven person; yet, at an early age, I began suffering from low-grade, intensifying fatigue that clouded my life, even when things were going well.

I was attempting to crush it in my endeavors. Still, behind the scenes, I was getting crushed by excessive stress and tiredness that was compounding over time and negatively affecting other aspects of my life and style of living.

As a result, I was not very happy about my life-performance as essential areas of my life seemed to be on permanent hold while my recovery and other needs weren't getting met due to lack of support. Only at the time, I didn't know that.

I thought my declining enthusiasm, attitude, and outlook meant something was wrong with me when nothing was further from the truth.

Yet, I pushed harder, worked on "personal development," and focused even more on my success, thinking, "once I achieve my goals, I won't have to work so hard." The mounting crush (fatigue) weight and health issues took their toll on my performance, relationships, and well-being.

On the outside, I kept the game face on, but on the inside, things were not as they seemed, and I needed to do something about it. I grew to know the answer was not one thing, and not something even decent sleep, sound nutrition, or fitness alone would solve.

I needed a whole new lifestyle approach to achieving my goals and maintaining my quality of life.


In 2007, while giving rise to that new lifestyle, I discovered an idea that originated in elite athletics called "Performance Lifestyle." It was an emerging support service that essentially helped the pros steer clear of the hidden lifestyle challenges that were distracting and holding them back from winning and thriving.

At the time, I thought, "that's what I need," and I could see that others did too. It was the perfect concept for what I was developing and wanting to be accessible to driven people who were likely not elite athletes, may or may not be into sports, or even health and fitness enthusiasts.

It was also the antithesis, and in large part, the solution to the subject of a new book I was co-authoring at the time (secretively to solve my problem) called "The Curse of the Capable" with Harvard psychologist Arthur P Ciaramicoli Ph.D. aka "Dr. C."

Over a twenty-plus year period, I lived the typical lifestyle, then the fitness lifestyle, and a healthy lifestyle. But as I learned more and more of the fundamentals of successful living through my entrepreneurial ventures' ups and downs, the Performance Lifestyle would take shape.

It took years and traveling through disparate communities and world-class advisors' help work/life the never-before-created blueprint for developing a balanced lifestyle not because of some vague or fragmented definition of balance, like "work/life " but because it's a complete solution.



I believe there is something heroic about a person with the vision, talent, passion, and belief in themselves to launch a business and serve others on their dime. Owning a business or being an entrepreneur can be exciting, liberating, and lucrative.

But all too often, it can be lonely, overwhelming, stressful, and energy-draining, ultimately leading to burning out.

I love the process of helping other entrepreneurs and business professionals, and leaders like me in determining the right mindsets and skillsets they need to become unstoppable so they can achieve their God-inspired dreams.

I'm passionate about sharing performance lifestyle philosophy with others because it is the one thing that no one taught us, and it gets the results.

Most of all, I love being a part of a transformation that brings relief, joy, excitement, and empowerment to driven people who are up to big things in their life but struggle with the energy and capacity to keep up with it all.

I don't want others to have to go through 20 years in the fox hole like I did. We have enough challenges in achieving what we're up; we don't need to complicate it with hidden lifestyle challenges that distract and hold us back from living the best version of ourselves.



Today, I'm married with two children and run a company called Performance Lifestyle Inc. I am still an in-the-game entrepreneur, small business owner, service professional, and co-founder with my wife and partner Mariahna of a new proactive recovery concept called RegenUs Centers. Our primary aim is to help people recharge their body battery.

My team and I also founded LifestyleCoach.com to share insights, the findings from the books I wrote during the thick of my heroes' journey so far, and a series of solutions that can help you develop a balanced and healthy, high-performance lifestyle.

We offer a year-round group training program called the Performance Lifestyle® Academy, which reveals the lifestyle habits we all need to know to live like the pro's in our own lives. And, all-in High Performance Lifestyle Coaching for someone who wants to save that 20 years or more trying to figure it all out on their own.

If this is your first time visiting us, join our free challenge, and get on the path to establishing a Performance Lifestyle you can call your own. We'll help you make The 3 Crucial Changes for Challenging Times that Will Dramatically Increase your Energy, Health, and Performance.

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