Develop the Lifestyle

To Achieve Your Ambitious Goals and Thrive
with the Energy, Health, and Performance 
You Need to Succeed—Well

Develop the Lifestyle

To Achieve Your Ambitious Goals and Thrive
with the Energy, Health, and Performance 
You Need to Succeed—Well.

About Lifestyle Coach

If you're like most of our clients, you are striving to achieve at an even higher level, or you're feeling the effects of being "always on." You've probably ascribed to continuous personal development throughout your adult life, but for some reason, a reason you can't quite put your finger on, you just don't have the zest and the zeal you use to have, and you want it back. 

Maybe, as an entrepreneur, professional, or executive, you've tired yourself out, are distracted by health issues, or you've gotten complacent... Down deep, one thing is for sure; you want to function and perform at a much higher level. 

Here at Lifestyle Coach, headed by me—John Allen Mollenhauer "JAM," we can help you change all of that, by helping you get into what's called a Performance Lifestyle. Step by step my team and I will help you achieve even your most ambitious goals while living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind

The benefits of which, are countless; but for starters, by engaging in the lifestyle training, coaching, and proactive employing Proactive Recovery in your life, all of which we provide; you'll take your energy, your health, and performance to a whole new level. 

You've found the solution that works!

Does this sound familiar?

As a lifelong entrepreneur, I've experienced the effects of coping with excess stress, yet still trying to achieve at high levels with a lot of responsibility; and what I and many others have discovered, is this:  It's not enough to engage in self-help or personal development; if you want to perform, look and feel better, you've got to optimize your lifestyle. 

When you change, improve, and ultimately optimize the way you live, you enable yourself to live with more energy, and higher levels of health and performance—and your life transforms. It's not just fitness, it's not just eating and exercise, it's across-the-board proficiency in the fundamentals of successful living that we're talking about here. It's getting into living a "performance lifestyle," which is the foundation of personal and professional success. Most of us are missing it altogether, but not anymore.

You can learn more about my experience here. 

What is a Performance Lifestyle?

Discover the Essential Philosophy We Were Never Taught that Changes Everything for the Better.

Work with JAM

Work with JAM

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" I knew I was exhausted and needed a break from my high achieving life, but I didn’t begin to...


Executive Software Sales

" And it works. I am 54 years old and have been applying this approach for just over one year.


Bio Medical Engineer

" The Performance Lifestyle system has helped me transform my life. I’ve reduced my body fat by 8%...


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