Catherine L. Pastille

Business Administration, Leadership and Management Lecturer, Providence College; Assistant Professor of Management, Assumption College

Dr. Pastille is an expert in business leadership and management studies who recognizes that Performance Lifestyle consolidates a wealth of best practices in personal energy management and human performance into an easy-to-learn and easy-to-live system of thinking, living, and working. In her opinion, it is the right-fit solution for achieving your personal and professional performance goals.

When integrated into an organization’s culture, Performance Lifestyle serves as a strong foundation for continuously moving your organization toward a sustainable competitive edge from a position of strength.

Dr. Pastille studies the human spirit and the ability to overcome obstacles and realize one’s optimal level of health and performance. She is particularly interested in how people handle high-demand situations for long periods of time. She studies and practices both Eastern and Western methods of sustaining health and well-being.

Dr. Pastille teaches management at Assumption College in Worcester, MA, focusing mostly on courses that encourage and develop ethical decision making and the appropriate use of technologies that support human performance.

Area’s of Expertise

Dr. Pastille’s work has two primary aims:

  • Personal energy management to influence effective workstyles
  • Human performance