Hilary Howard

President, Strengths Developer; Principal, Plant Focused Fitness

Hilary is the President of Strengths Developer and the Principal of Plant Focused Fitness. She studied at the University of North London and Cornell University and Sheffield Hallam University.

She is an Executive Coach and a Culture Change Consultant. Hilary’s passion is helping organizations and their people to maximize their professional effectiveness and discover and leverage their unique talents and strengths to bring high levels of engagement, productivity, and purpose while creating a strong competitive advantage.

“I have a strong commitment to support individuals to create their own performance lifestyles; I blend my coaching, organizational development, and human resources experience and qualifications with the best lessons I’ve learned from the world of performance athletics and nutrition. All of the insights I’ve learned in my certificate in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University and multiple fitness-related certifications from the renowned Cooper Institute, in addition to many other “people related” disciplines I’ve engaged “in the game,” I bring to you here at PerformanceLifestyle.com.”

Area’s of Expertise

Hillary’s work has two primary aims:

  • Helping you develop your strengths
  • Helping you optimize your lifestyle