Tudor Bompa, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus, York University; Father of Modern Periodization; Founder, Tudor Bompa Institute

Tudor Bompa is the world leader in athlete training and is often regarded as the father of sports periodization theory, a training system developed by the Soviets that emphasized variable loads for optimal performance throughout the year rather than maintaining a constant training focus.

Dr. Bompa first developed the concept of periodization of strength in Romania in 1963, as he helped the eastern bloc countries rise to dominance in the athletic world. Since then, Bompa has used his system to train 11 Olympic Games medalists, and periodization training has become a standard method for conditioning champion athletes.

Dr. Bompa is known to many as the man who single-handedly revolutionized Western training methods. After more than forty years of work in the arena of international sports, he’s widely considered one of the world’s leading specialists when it comes to periodization, planning, peaking, and strength and power training. Name your favorite strength coach and it’s very likely he’s been strongly influenced by the work of Tudor Bompa.

Like many top coaches, Dr. Bompa began as an athlete himself and competed as a rower in the 1956 Olympic Games. As a coach, Bompa has worked with athletes in eleven Olympic Games and World Championships and has helped create four gold medal winners and 22 national champions. He’s presented his training theories is over 30 countries.

He has written 15 books in the fields of biomechanics, theory of training, planning, strength training, and team sports training translated into 19 languages and used in over 180 countries.

Currently, Dr. Bompa is a Professor Emeritus at York University in Toronto. He is married to Tamara Bompa, who is an associate lecturer at York University.

Area’s of Expertise

Dr. Bompa’s work has two primary aims:

  • Help both athletes and non-sports athletes apply modern periodization for improves in athletics and life in general.
  • Help seniors understand how take care of their heart through fitness training a long and healthy life.