Holiday Cancelled Because Work is Your Vacation

Response to Russell Brunson on Why Entrepreneurs Suck at Vacations

Dear Russel Brunson. This morning I was watching your video, Why Entrepreneurs Suck at Vacations, and I would like to offer some added perspective on this. By the comments, It's likely that my little doses of truth and reality could catch…

The Brownout Comes Before the Burnout

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BY AMY MOLLOY of Collective Hub There are early signs that you building up to a burnout. It's the mini meltdown before the big breakdown. Pettina Stanghon’s start-up was still in its honeymoon period when she noticed something happening…

The New Goes Live!

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The new Performance Lifestyle [PL] website is live! This is our new virtual space, online training center, and the place of which we'll be serving you. That is, when we're not at a live event together. :-) For those of you who were subscribers…