the key to living better

The Key Realization That Will Inspire You to Live Better Than Ever Before

One of the most compelling realizations I've ever come to, one that inspired me to live better not part of the time but virtually ALL THE TIME appears to be one of the most basic. It gave rise to a whole new lifestyle (literally); one…
Balance Energy, Health and Performance

Live in Balance With Vibrant Health and Peace of Mind in these 5 Stages.

Here at Performance Lifestyle Inc, we have a progressive path for increasing your energy, improving your lifestyle and the results you both experience and achieve in your life. What we refer to as “The PL Path” represents the five core…
Human Energy, It's Time Learn how to optimize it

Human Energy and Lifestyle. It’s Time for You to Become Expert.

The next PL Podcast will be #9. In this podcast, I will be talking about Energy, "beyond the woo woo," "beyond the motivation," beyond simply saying "get more sleep"... It's understanding energy as the key to the kingdom when it comes to…
Human Energy is not finite

The Body is Like a Battery but is Human Energy Finite?

Donald Trump has a number of unorthodox theories about politics, but his theory of why exercise is bad for you reveals probably the biggest myth when it comes to human energy. He believes that human energy is finite, so why waste it on exercise? "Other…
Daily Strain. Fatigue and Recovery

Wearable Recovery Devices with Performance Lifestyle Training

One thing that's always been true here at Performance Lifestyle is that we are always our first clients, starting with me, John Allen Mollenhauer, who founded Performance Lifestyle. As a driven business professional for many years, fatigue…
Tuckman's Four Stages of Team Development

How Tuckman’s Four Stages of Team Development Apply to YOU

This past week, I was listening to our Pastor share a sequence of insights about Tuckman's 4 Stages of Team Development that were downright revealing. In the context of taking "extreme ownership" of our lives, which is a concept I am quite…

The Impact of Fatigue on Business Professionals

The names in this case study have been changed for purposes of anonymity. This is the story of Julie, a driven academic with entrepreneurial capacity and her story of fatigue, how it affected her in real life and what she started to do about…
The Stress of Hidden Lifestyle Challlenges

3 Hidden Challenges That Stress, Distract and Hold You Back

In Performance Lifestyle® Training, we talk about the stress of hidden lifestyle challenges frequently. They are the shadow side of the fundamentals of successful living: essentials skills (or habits) we all need to know if we’re going perform,…

Start Thinking Like an Athlete, It Will Transform Your Life In 4 Ways

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Here's an excerpt from The Rise of a New Lifestyle. It has to do with you waking up to the fact that "if you have a body, you are an athlete." That's a quote from Bill Bowerman, founder of Nike. You're wearing the clothes, now just…