2018 Winter Olympics

Recently, the 2018 Winter Olympics came to an end after two weeks of witnessing the worlds best amatuer athletes display their hard earned skill, grace and determination.

Do you want to know why we admire the Olympics and the athletes so much?

Is it because we see the athletes’ talent and grace on the grand, world stage performing like the pros they are in all kinds of events? Surely that’s true, but it’s also the fact, at a deeper level that they have the capacity to perform the way they do, look and feel the way they do too and consciously or subconsciously, we’re like “wow!.”

What are they doing in their life that most of us are not doing?

The answers are not as surprising as one might think and are not out of reach for us all to apply in our own lives for the kinds of life achievements we all imagine at one time or another. nts you imagine.

Of course, we don’t see their struggle, the commitment, the failure and defeat, the dedication, exhaustion, and perseverance amidst all the practice that it takes to get there and “peak” during the time we are watching them. And of course, the Olympics is only one event (or events) that they compete in each year. There are events throughout the year they compete in as well on top of the daily grind of practice that it all takes.

So what do Olympians do that makes it all possible? Surely, any synopsis in an article would be only a snippet, a mere take on the bigger picture; but some of what they do will point to all of what they do that enables them to show up so ready to dazzle us with all the possibilities of the human force that they are.

First, let’s cut to the chase. These healthy high achieving people live performance lifestyles. As the homepage of PerformanceLifestyle.com says, all healthy, high-achieving have performance lifestyles. Olympic athlete or not, it does not matter if they are into sports or even fitness enthusiasts; healthy, high achieving people, have some version of a performance lifestyle.

No, not the same one that you will live, but the one that supports them and what they are up to in the world.

As we always say, a performance lifestyle is a lifestyle that fully supports you, and what you’re up to in the world, or “your game.” It connects all the dots, a lifestyle mindset, and skills; every aspect of your lifestyle is fine-tuned and directly linked to your goals and success. ???????The “healthy” is build in, a given, and the “balanced” is a byproduct of knowing what to do, how to do it, and why you’re doing it so you do it at the right time, at the right level, intensity and consistency; else one could not perform well, free of the distractions that would hold them back otherwise.  And all of that comes with experience, with training.

That’s what makes the difference between the lifestyle of a world-class Olympic athlete or any other healthy high achieving person and those who are not; it’s both the game they’re playing and the fact that they optimize their lifestyle for energy, health, and performance.

Now, of course, I’m sure if you were going to be watched by a stand full of people every time you competed, you would probably practice more, prepare better and ready yourself at a whole new level so that you would shine. But the reality is, as everyday people who are not on the world’s stage, competing in front of stands of people or maybe in front of anyone for that matter, we don’t see ourselves as worthy of that kind of lifestyle.

But we are!

You see, your life as a parent, a business professional, maybe a creative artist or amateur athlete is just as worthy of the best lifestyle possible as that of an Olympic athlete and just imagine what your life would be like if your life management, were just like theirs, or closer to it? You would be getting much better results indeed.

Imagine if you see your life from the perspective of being on the court, and not in the stands, and all that you applied in your life was directly tied to your success in life, your business or career, your performance or sport. How much better would you live?

Would you know what, or how to optimize your lifestyle to perform, look and feel better?
No one group of people epitomizes this mindset better than athletes.

You see, We are all athletes. The same fundamentals that an Olympic athlete needs to apply in their life to manage their energy, stay healthy, function and perform at higher levels are the same for you. It’s only the game specific training and strategy that may be different.

The principles and practices of a performance lifestyle that support you and your game, are the same whether you are a world class athlete, world-class executive or manager or a world class parent. But what makes you “world class” is your lifestyle strategy.

A strategy is always unique to you, your desired outcomes and what you want to achieve.

For a simple example, if you are simply want to be the great parent, you probably won’t be eating the way would if you were training for Olympic gold in skating, but eating up to 90% or more nutrient-rich food, is the same for both outcomes. There was once a time when maybe that top athlete was eating poorly in their own life, relying on youthful vigor and skill to win, and they may still be eating poorly and compensating with other aspects of their lifestyle but eventually they change once they realize the benefits, And that’s also no different than you.

Everyone does better when they have the optimal nutrition that’s great tasting, great for you, and convenient.

And that’s just one example. Eating is less than 10% of a performance lifestyle. The point is, They aren’t just practicing the halfpipe or figure skating on a regular basis, they have a whole lifestyle that enables them to sustain their training, get the most out of it and win in their sport. They may not have medalled in the Olympics, but just think of what it took to get there!

What’s it going to take to get you closer to being on top of your game? You don’t need to be the best, nor are we preparing you for the olympics, but just consider for a moment, how much better you could be doing if you upleveled your lifestyle starting today.

So while one person may want to win gold in the halfpipe freestyle at the Olympics, you may want to become a higher-tier marketer, or business owner, manager, salesperson, parent or creative artist or amateur athlete. It doesn’t matter, the fundamentals of successful living are the same. The tactics may change, the level at which you practice may change, how you practice may be unique, but the fundamentals are the same.

Lastly, living a performance lifestyle is foremost a mindset; it’s how you approach your life, and this is an of itself makes the difference. Yes, I could riddle off a litany of being proactive vs reactive, on purpose vs. not, keeping your eyes on the prize or just settling to get by… and keep going with that; but these valuable quotes would be just quotes, mere tweaks of your approach to life.

What we are saying here is that if you link how you live (your lifestyle) with your success in life, your career etc, while you will still be challenged from time to time, you will not be distracted or held back by the challenges most people struggle with. Your “performance lifestyle” mindset and the skills set you will learn will simply overcome them.

Are you in a performance lifestyle practice you can call your own?

As the 2018 Winter Olympics came to a close and PerformanceLifestyle.com is now going to a whole new level, we thought it was fitting for you to reflect on the inspiration of what we’ve just witnessed a few weeks back, and consider: how you can improve your performance in life, in your business a creative pursuit or sport by developing a performance lifestyle of your own; one that supports you and what you are up to in the world.

That’s what we’re going to help you do in the weeks and months that come.

So thanks for all the inspiration, “fellow athletes” in all the Olympic games you played. On behalf of all the aspiring performance lifestylers out there, those people who want to be both healthy and high achieving, we salute you.

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