Performance Lifestyle® Nutrition is Coming Soon!

Nutrient Rich

Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, fats, and all the original fiber for a nutrient-rich meal on the go

100% Plant-Based, Vegan-Friendly

Made exclusively from whole vegetables, fruits, and seeds with no animal products included

No Added Sugar

All sugars are naturally occurring and only come from whole fruits and veggies

All Natural, Non-GMO

A healthy, natural product with no genetically modified organisms or artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives

Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Paleo-Friendly

Suitable for many complex dietary requirements with no gluten, no soy, low starch, and minimal processing

Convenient Packaging

Innovative flexible packaging is portable and doesn’t require refrigeration until opened

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What Are Superfood Infusions?

Superfood Infusions are healthy, superfood blends that fuel your body right, no matter what you’re up to in your busy life. These delicious, nutrient-rich food blends are easy and convenient, so you never have to compromise nutrition when you can’t pause for a sit-down meal.

At Performance Lifestyle, we understand how truly busy you are. Our products are designed for professionals, athletes, entrepreneurs, parents, students, or any driven person looking to fuel their body for peak performance.

Your body functions best when you nourish it with the healthiest foods nature provides in as close to their original state as possible. We created Superfood Infusions to help you include more whole, organic, plant-based, nutrient-dense foods in your life—especially when you’re pressed for time and energy.

“I am always on the go and often turn to unhealthy food when I’m in a pinch. Superfood Infusions are a game changer for me. The first time I sampled one, I was really impressed by the taste (never really made smoothies) and how satisfied I was! These are going to have a big impact on how healthy I eat. Try them!”

“As a busy professional, I find it difficult to eat the right things and maintain a good energy level, but this product filled me up and kept me going all day.”

“As a business owner with two young children, Superfood Infusions are like a godsend for us! Getting the best nutrient-rich superfoods throughout the day to keep our energy high has never been easier, and the fact that they’re almost unbelievably delicious is truly icing on the cake.”

“The Superfood Infusions taste great and are really good for you. I was amazed at how much nutrition was packed in a small pouch that not only was satisfying, but also had extra vitamin B. I no longer have to purchase that vitamin, saving me some money! Superfood Infusions are a fine puree that go down smooth, making you crave another one.”

“When I drink Superfood Infusions, I feel like my body and mind are being nourished in a way no other smoothie or health drink can deliver. The blends are super satisfying and the nutritional value is far above and beyond any comparable product. I also love the convenience and mobility of the packaging itself.”

“Gotta say I LOVE Superfood Infusions! It’s the perfect way for every busy person to stay healthy and feel great all day long. No matter if you’re a super busy person or a pro athlete, you want highly nutritious meals that taste great. Superfood Infusions is the answer for you. Super high nutrition, tastes amazing, optimizes your energy and travels with you all day long too. Now that’s a perfect partner!”

“I love Superfood Infusions! As a personal trainer, an instructor at the local community college, a nutrition educator, a mother, and a wife; my life is as busy as can be. I love the fact that I can toss these pouches into my car, gym bag, or kids’ lunches and know that I am giving and getting optimal fast-food nutrition.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Superfood Infusions vegan- and/or paleo-friendly?

Yes, Superfood Infusions are suitable for both vegan and paleo diets. They contain no animal products, are low in starch, and have minimal processing. Plus, both of these food “tribes” tend to favor organic, non-GMO fruits, vegetables, and seeds—and both tend to require supplemental essentials like vitamin B12—making these products ideal for both vegan and paleo eaters.

Do Superfood Infusions pouches have to be refrigerated?

None of our current products require refrigeration before they’re opened. The ingredients in every pouch are heated, lightly pasteurized, and packaged to ensure shelf stability.

Unopened Superfood Infusions can be stored at room temperature. After opening, the product can be kept without refrigeration for up to 24 hours. While refrigeration is not necessary, many of our customers prefer their Superfood

Infusions chilled, so try both and find your favorite way to eat a Superfood Infusion.

How long can I store Superfood Infusion products?

Unopened Superfood Infusion products will stay fresh until the “best before” date printed on the pouch. After opening, the product can be kept without refrigeration for up to 24 hours; unopened, you can store the product without refrigeration for up to 12 months.

What is the shelf life of Superfood Infusions products?

All of our products have a 12-month shelf life from the date of production.

Who benefits from a daily infusion of Superfood Infusions?

Whether you’re a working mom or dad, a weekend warrior, a traveler, a business executive, or an elite athlete, you can rely on Superfood Infusions during your busy days. Eating healthy just got easier—and faster—without the mess and fuss of preparing, blending, juicing, and cleaning up fruits and vegetables.

What is the best time of day to have a Superfood Infusion?

Any time is a great time to enjoy Superfood Infusions! Here are just a few of the ways you can enjoy this product:

  • In the morning for healthy energy instead of coffee
  • As a mid-morning or afternoon snack
  • Before or after a work out
  • In the evening as a tasty dessert

How many Superfood Infusions can I consume in a day?

Consume a Superfood Infusion whenever you need to keep going and can’t stop to buy or prepare a meal or snack. Any time that eating right presents a challenge is a good time for a Superfood Infusion! (For many people, that’s at least once a day.)

When will Superfood Infusions be available?

Superfood Infusions will be available for pre-order in Feb 2017 so we can deliver and ship the products in June.

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