John Allen Mollenhauer (JAM)

Founder, Performance Lifestyle, Inc.

John Allen Mollenhauer “JAM” is the co-author of the popular book, The Curse of the Capable, with Harvard Psychology Instructor Arthur Ciaramicoli, Ph.D., and Super Bowl MVP Phil Simms. He is also the founder and head trainer/coach of Performance Lifestyle, Inc that focuses on healthy, performance living, with a focus on the science of living with optimal energy levels.

A former trainer, amateur athlete, and Assistant to the Strength Coach of the New York Mets, as well as a gym owner turned worn down workaholic and someone wondering how to be a high achiever without burning out; JAM pioneered the emerging idea of living a Performance Lifestyle over the course of two decades as a tech and now lifestyle entrepreneur.

He attended Montclair State University, specializing in Adult Fitness but got an advanced degree in life as he’s faced the tremendous pressures of being an entrepreneur. He is a Certified Professional Coach and a member of the Institute of Coaching and the International Coaching Federation. He has also completed the numerous recognized certifications for the sake of learning, such as the Certification in Nutritarian Studies and the Plant-Based Certification at Cornell University, and maintains professional affiliations with people and organizations committed to transforming culture and consciousness.

John Allen has spent more than 25 years learning and putting together the balanced, never-before-assembled, science-based principles and practices that comprise Performance Lifestyle®.

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Area’s of Expertise

John Allen’s work has three primary aims:

  • Helping people resolve the hidden lifestyle challenges that distract and hold them back, starting with fatigue.
  • Helping people evolve with a new lifestyle mindset and skillset.
  • Helping people achieve even their most ambitious goals, by being proficient at living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind.