Mariahna Suzan

Co-Founder, Performance Lifestyle, Inc.

Mariahna is a founder of Performance Lifestyle® and the head of communications and client support. She has a Master’s in Business and is an adept researcher who helps develop PL training courses.

Mariahna became an advocate of living a performance living and the lifestyle after experiencing the stress of co-creating and launching the natural products company Nutrient-Rich Superfoods [NRSF] with her husband, John Allen Mollenhauer. NRSF extends access to Performance Lifestyle nutrition products such as Superfood Infusions® through retail.

She is a mother of a 10-year-old and is now an expecting mother again. She loves to dance, read fiction books and is continuing her education to complete her doctorate.

Area’s of Expertise

Mariahna’s work has three primary aims:

  • Product and service development
  • Client and customer support
  • Being an attentive Mom and a den leader